About Veritas Development Group

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Our Company

Veritas is passionate about the environment and sustainability. This has led us to pursue infill projects to help the City meet its Climate Action Plan goals.

We are industry leaders in developing new energy-efficient quality homes and strive to be respectful of the local communities we build in through engagement and consultation.

Our Mission

Rejuvenate mature neighbourhoods with safe and beautiful homes

Old homes in mature neighborhoods are often riddled with issues like asbestos, radon gas, crumbling foundations, and inefficient heating and cooling. Without significant and costly improvements, these neighborhoods are often left to decay. We strive to build safe and beautiful homes that attract new families to the neighborhood.

Significantly reduce greenhouse gasses by replacing old homes with new energy efficient ones

Building homes which exceed current energy efficiency requirements is not only good for the environment – it saves the occupant money in heating and cooling costs. This is one of the main goals of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan. And is more important than ever with the increasing costs of energy.

Reduce urban sprawl and Winnipeg's large carbon footprint

Building new energy-efficient homes revitalizes mature neighbourhoods. Using existing infrastructure saves costs to the city, and helps to slow down urban sprawl. This benefits the existing communities, saves green space and is also our environmental responsibility.

Veritas Development Group - Mature Community Infill

Our Team

At Veritas Development Group, we are a close-knit team passionate about what we do. Our team works hard to design, build, rent, manage and maintain our properties. We encourage feedback from our renters so we can constantly improve our process, and resolve tenant issues quickly and efficiently. 

Learn more about our team and see how Veritas Development Group could lead to your next home! 

Faye Sawatzky is the owner of Veritas Development Group. She has a background in home building, interior design, and accounting. Faye has 25 years of experience in decorating and designing homes both residential and multi-family. She has also been the comptroller for 2 medium-sized companies for over 25 years. She brings a passion for design and organization to the company.

Faye Sawatzky

Accounting & Design Aesthetics

Kurtis Sawatzky is the owner of KNH Sawatzky Engineering.  He also is the general manager for Veritas Development Group.  He has a degree in Structural Engineering with over 30 years of experience. Kurtis has also owned and operated several land and real estate development companies.  Kurtis’ passion for creating sustainable strong communities and homes for people to use and enjoy with our ongoing infill projects. 

Kurtis Sawatzky

Operations Manager

Tiffany has been in the Property Manager role with Veritas since 2018. She is passionate about Veritas, its family-oriented values, and its growth and potential. She loves meeting new people and showing the new homes we have built. She has been in the industry for over 10 years. Tiffany is friendly and outgoing and loves helping new people find their “home”.

Tiffany Jessop

Property Manager

Rex is in charge of maintenance for Veritas and contributes as a tradesman to complete our homes with his finished carpentry skills. Rex has been with Veritas Development Group for 5 years and has 15 years of experience in residential renovations and carpentry. He continues to enjoy working with Veritas Development Group by supporting the small family business dynamic. 

Ian ‘Rex’ Recksiedler


Cuyler Ewen is the Site Manager of Veritas Development Group with a background in carpentry. He brings 15 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. Cuyler’s attention to detail and desire to produce a quality product supports Veritas Development Group’s business concept of integrity. 

Cuyler Ewen

Site Supervisor

Lesley Wahl is the Project Manager of Veritas Development Group with a background in project management and estimating in construction. Lesley has 15 years of experience in residential and commercial construction and restoration. She embraces the company’s vision of rejuvenating communities through infill development.

Lesley Wahl

Project Manager


Veritas has been a pleasure to work with over the years. They are responsive, knowledgeable,  experienced, and provide tremendous value. They are professional and have an expert understanding of the industry we work in. This creates a smooth, easy process from start to finish. Veritas is honest in the work they do and they get the job done right with high-quality service and care.

Ty Ellis

Realtor - Century 21 Carrie Realty

Living with Veritas I feel completely safe and like I can trust them as my property manager. I rented one property from them in St Boniface, which they sold. I ended up moving specifically so that I could rent from them again to another property in the same area because my experience has been so great. Tiffany goes above and beyond to help with all issues I’ve ever had, and she does so with a friendly smile.



I have been working on the real-estate side for Veritas for about 2 years.  During that time, my interactions with ownership, trades, and property management have been extremely professional – with an exemplary level of transparency and integrity.  I feel like Veritas has earned the right as the industry leader in quality infill development – everything from foundation to finishes is a step above, and the job sites are always clean and safe.  I would highly recommend Veritas Development for your next infill project, rental investment, or place to call home.

Jason Wicklund

Realtor - Century 21 Bachman and Associates

Tiffany the property manager is the best one I’ve had, super friendly and on top of emails and requests /complaints. Constantly in contact and fast at responding to issues. They are not invasive of your privacy and respectful to all tenants no matter race or situation. Veritas has beautiful, well-kept units. It makes me proud to rent such a beautiful unit.

Erin Barney


Their customer service sets them apart from the competition. I have been able to communicate easily with the property management department, the site supervisors, the builders, the maintenance workers, and the management. They have all been informative, accommodating, and patient with me for my wide variety of questions and requests as a buyer.



My tenants all enjoy and benefit from the quality as well as the neighbourhood they live in.



I have purchased 4 duplexes over the past couple of years. My experience working with Veritas has been very positive. They have been easy to communicate with and have honoured every aspect of our legal agreements through the purchases. I have viewed many multifamily residential infill properties built by a variety of builders over the years. I think that the Veritas product is the best in the Winnipeg market. They are very well situated, solidly built, well designed, flow beautifully, and have good quality finishes/appliances.